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Welcome To Business Opportunities And Ideas

Thanks for stopping by the Business Opportunities and Ideas blog, I hope I’m able to help you find the right business idea for you.

If you’re interested in starting your own business you’ll find a range of ideas for businesses to start in the business ideas section.

If you already run a business or you want to buy into a proven business opportunity (aka a franchise) you’ll find the business opportunities and the franchise business opportunities sections useful.

I primarily blog about small or home based business ideas as I believe everyone can and should start their own business from home.

Some of the ideas are very briefly described, others are explored in more detail with advice on how to start the business, you’ll find most of these detailed business ideas in the how to start a business section.

Small Business Ideas

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy so I’m always keen to help more fellow entrepreneurs find the right small business idea for them and turn it into a successful small business. Here’s some of my most popular small business ideas for 2015:

Home Based Business Ideas

Home based businesses are ideal for most first time entrepreneurs, by starting a business from home you keep your overheads low allowing you to become profitable faster. Here’s three of my most popular home business ideas:

Online/Internet Business Ideas

Many of my own businesses are Internet based so I love a good Internet business idea.

Plus you’ll find many more in the post Online Business Ideas.

If you none of those popular business ideas take your fancy then please browse the site, or if you’d prefer to find your own new business ideas the post 10 Tactics For Finding New Business Ideas should help. Then once you’ve decided on an idea please consider Testing Your Own Business Idea before you invest heavily in them.

Once you’ve turned your business idea into a reality you’ll find plenty of marketing ideas in the post 171 FREE Marketing Ideas that will help you find customers for your new business.

Business Opportunities

If you’d prefer not to start a business totally from scratch then an established business opportunity might be better, here are three of the most popular ones that I’ve written about:

There are also various home and small business opportunities listed in the how to start a business category.

Who writes Business Opportunities and Ideas

Business Opportunities and Ideas is written by John Crickett. I am an entrepreneur based in the UK who has been running my own businesses since September 11th 2001. During that time I’ve started a number of businesses and experienced my fair share of entrepreneurial success and failure. Thankfully the successes have outweighed the failures and running my own businesses has been a successful, satisfying and profitable experience.

As my background is primarily in technology based business. Computers and IT in particular, many of the business ideas I write about are based around the use of computer, IT and the Internet. I’m also a big fan of online businesses because the Internet has made it cheap and easy for just about anyone to start a business from home with little more than a laptop and Internet connection.

If you have any questions about the blog or suggestions for new business ideas to write about, please feel free to contact me.

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