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Rent Whatever You Need

on May 28th, 2007

In his post The netflixing of everything Seth Godin described a company Meeting Tomorrow that will ship a projector, a sound system, a wireless microphone or whatever you need for a meeting/presentation directly to your venue. You simply turn up at the venue and it’s waiting for you. Once you’re done just drop it off at a Fedex box and go.

Seth says:

This was inconceivable five years ago. The stuff was too big and too expensive and there was no easy way to interact with the user.

I’m betting that there are hundreds of applications of this idea, especially in the business-to-business area. Stuff that you need, reliably, but not often.

As usual he’s right and there are a range of great business opportunities that are now possible because of the reach of the Internet and the availability of reliable courier services. It’s not just the Business To Business (B2B) market that can benefit either, in recent years this has become a common business model for provision of TENS machines for pregnant mothers.

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