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Business Opportunities And Ideas


This blog is about business ideas and opportunities that I spot, think of or just hear of and think are rather cool. As I’m too busy (and the boss/wife insists I focus on just one idea at a time) to do them all I’m posting them here as inspiration for others.

If an idea here happens to make you extremely rich :-) please don’t forgot where you got it from – send me an email with a good story about it that I can post.

This blog is written by John Crickett.

About Me

I have run several of my own businesses including an Internet business consultancy, a number of online businesses and a business to business magazine.

To Contact Me

If you would like my advice on a business issue, please join the Business Opportunities and Ideas forums and ask. You’ll get a response not just from me, but also from a range of fellow entrepreneurs.

For general inquiries you can contact me through the contact form.

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