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Unless you’ve either started a business before, had experience running a business or got money to burn I’d strongly suggest that your first business should be a home business. The reason for that is the low cost and therefore risk of starting a home based business – you can start most home based businesses for less than the average Saturday night out might cost.

What is a home business

But what is a home based business? A home based business is one that can be run or managed from home. In other words you don’t need any additional premises and don’t therefore need to incur the costs associated with opening a shop or starting a gym.

What is a home business idea

A home business idea is an idea for a home business. The best home business ideas will be quick, easy and cheap to start, thus involving minimal risk (despite the common myth about entrepreneurs taking risks, the reality is that good entrepreneurs avoid risk).

Many modern home business ideas make use of modern technology like the Internet to allow the home business owner to reach a wider potential customer base and even to deliver their services worldwide. As a techie who has been using the Internet since 1996, when I worked for one of the UK’s first Internet service providers, I’m very keen on such online home business ideas.

Finding new home business ideas

Prefer to come up with your own new home business idea? The best home business ideas are going to be ideas built around your interests, hobbies and passions. So start there. The article 10 Tactics For Finding New Business Ideas should be useful too. After that please consider evaluating how good your new home business idea is before you invest significantly in it, the article on Testing Your Own Business Idea explains how to do so, after all you want to ensure that it’s not a bad business idea.

Once you’ve found the right idea the article How To Turn Your Home Business Idea Into A Home Business will help you turn it into a successful home business.

My home based business ideas list

I’ve written about a number of home business ideas, here’s a list of them:

And don’t forget you can run most small business ideas from home.

Useful books

If the list of home based business ideas above isn’t enough to get you started then you might like to check out the following books that provide either inspiration to help you find the right home business idea or a comprehensive list of ideas for home based businesses.

The business ideas forum

If you’d like to discuss a home business idea or to seek help developing a potential idea into a home based business please join the Business Opportunities and Ideas forums, it’s free and you’ll get help from both myself and your other fellow home business owners.

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