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Although my first ‘business’ was a software/web development consultancy, my first proper business was Internet based. It was hardly a revolutionary new Internet business idea, but it was a good, simple and profitable business idea and it ended up being the foundation from which the rest of our Internet businesses grew. The idea was to develop a bed and breakfast search engine and charge bed and breakfasts for their listings.

Although the idea evolved considerable from there, what struck me about it was the fact that we built a business that was able to generate quite a reasonable profit with very little cash (although we did invest a fair bit of time). Ever since then I’ve been a big fan of Internet business ideas – after all you can have an idea and, if you have the skills take it from conception to launch for little more that £10!

Furthermore as most Internet business can easily be run from home the overheads can stay low as you scale the size of the business leaving you with a great potential profit margin.

My Internet business ideas list

The following is a list of the Internet business ideas that I’ve written about.

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If you’d like to discuss an Internet business idea or to seek help developing a potential idea into a business please join the Business Opportunities and Ideas forums, it’s free and you’ll get help from both myself and your other fellow Internet business owners.

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