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I firmly believe that everyone should start their own business. In today’s economic climate the job-for-life is a thing of the past and the only way to ensure you’ve always got an income is to start your own small business.

The trouble is most would be entrepreneurs struggle to come up with small business ideas, so to help you as a would-be entrepreneur I’ve put together this page of useful resources to help you find the right small business idea for you.

What is a small business

The DTI (UK) defines a small business as having less that 250 employees and the SBA (USA) generally considers a business small if it has less than 500 employees (although they have quite a range of criteria available here) and European legislation defines a small business as having less than 50 employees. Ask someone on the street however and I suspect they’d talk about a corner shop, or a one man band business.

What is a small business idea

As the term small business is itself hard to define it’s even harder to determine what a small business idea is. Is it an idea for a business that has little or no scope for growth, for example selling your services as a public speaker (there’s only one of you so the size of the business is limited).

Is it a business idea that is crippled by the entrepreneur thinking small, perhaps believing that selling a few cakes a day from the end of the drive is the bests you can do?

My preferred definition is: an idea for a business that can start out small, but has the potential to grow to suit the founders ambitions. Such business should be cheap and easy to startup, which is just the sort of business idea I like.

Just remember that even small scale business ideas can grow into large businesses, after all Tesco started out as a market stall and didn’t open it’s first store until 10 years later and it’s first supermarket until 37 years later.

Finding new small business ideas

If you’d rather find a new small business idea than use someone else’s you’ll find the article 10 Tactics For Finding New Business Ideas useful. Once you’ve come up with your new small business idea please take the time to also read the article on Testing Your Own Business Idea in order to ensure that it’s not a bad business idea.

Whatever your idea, the best business ideas are going to be the ones that match your interests, hobbies and passions.

My small business ideas list

The following is a list of small business ideas that I’ve blogged about:

Useful books

If the list of small business ideas above isn’t enough to get you started then you might like to check out the following books that provide either inspiration to help you find the right business idea or a comprehensive list of ideas for small businesses.

The business ideas forum

If you’d like to discuss a small business idea or to seek help developing a potential idea into a business please join the Business Opportunities and Ideas forums, it’s free and you’ll get help from both myself and your other fellow small business owners.

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