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The Economist – Project Redstripe

March 30th, 2007 » Comments (0)

The Economist Group, the publisher of The Economist, has a launched a site called Project Red Stripe. Project Red Stripe is a six-member team comprised of The Economist Group’s employees that has the task of creating an innovative and web-based product, service or business model by July 2007. The team is doing their own in-house […]

The Rich Jerk

March 30th, 2007 » Comments (2)

I’ve recently come across The Rich Jerk. He has a rather unique approach to marketing an ebook on how to make millions on the Internet. While I don’t buy these kinds of books – after all you can learn most of what’s in it by reading sites like the A4UForum or Threadwatch and I’ve been […]

Sell Mug Shots

March 29th, 2007 » Comments (1)

This idea that I came across on NicheGeek caught my eye as a rather unusual business! An Orlando entrepreneur has seized on that fascination, recently starting “JAIL,” a weekly newspaper filled with nothing but the unflattering thumbnails. Page after page, with only a few ads in between. The business was started by Devin James who […]

FREE Postgraduates – Help For South West Businesses

March 28th, 2007 » Comments (0)

The Wessex Association Chamber of Commerce monthly mailing arrived this morning with a flyer from the University of Bath offering French postgrad students (in engineering and computing)Â for up to six weeks in June/July for unpaid work placements. It says they can provide: An extra resource who can develop projects that your business needs but […]

Create A Search Engine And Beat Google

March 28th, 2007 » Comments (0)

Reading the excellent Threadwatch this morning I came across a thread on How Would You Beat Google? which comments on a blog post by Rich Skrenta titled How to beat Google. He’s got an excellent point: Grow a spine people! You have a giant growing market with just one dominant competitor, not even any real #2. […]

Decking Kits

March 27th, 2007 » Comments (1)

Ah the suns out, it feels like summer – perfect for taking lunch on the deck – a great place to mull over business ideas. It’s a great deck too, I built it myself last summer. What amazed me at the time was the lack of good clear instructions on how to design and build a deck […]

Play To Your Strengths

March 25th, 2007 » Comments (2)

As I mentioned earlier this month my wife and I are currently shopping for baby gear, focusing at the moment on getting a travel system and I’ve been amazed by our experiences. The local shops obviously fear losing sales to the Internet – several assistants gave us well reheresed speaches about the need to try […]

Domain Name Ideas

March 23rd, 2007 » Comments (0)

Between my businesses we probably have around four hundred domain names and it’s usually been a real challenge thinking up each one of them – trying to find something thats memorable, catchy, relevant or best of all, all three! Obviously we’re not the only ones to find it a chore as reading Dane Carlson’s Business […]

More Music On Your iPod Sir?

March 22nd, 2007 » Comments (0)

It’s all too easy to try and think of a really clever “big idea” when starting a business yet sometimes there’s good money to be made by just simply doing something that takes time, for those that have more money than time, and thats the case with this story I came across today: How One New […]

Driving Experience Days

March 21st, 2007 » Comments (0)

Maybe it’s just because I miss my Mitsubishi Evo VI that I sold recently but I’ve been thinking about sports cars and tack days recently. They’re great fun and it’s a rapidly growing business sector. A few years ago my brother and I had the idea of starting a business offering sports car hire / driving experience days, based on […]