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January 31st, 2008 » Comments (19)

I’ve recently been watching Paradise or Bust, it’s a documentary following the first year of Tribewanted describes itself as a unique community tourism project that is simultaneously based on Vorovoro Island, Fiji and online. The Tribe (community) are working to build a simple sustainable village on a Fujian island. Members of the tribe each […]

Great Successful People

January 30th, 2008 » Comments (2)

A couple of days ago Rob from BusinessPundit talked about doing the things you like in which he said: I would usually rather read a business periodical, business book, or annual report than I would watch tv, or do most other social activities. Yes, I am well aware that this is weird. But the point […]

The Future Of Management – Gary Hamel

January 29th, 2008 » Comments (0)

The Future of Management encourages the reader to look at the management structure of their business and question it’s suitability. Is the business hog-tied by bureaucracy? Does the system stifle innovation, or innovation encouraged? Hamel argues that organisations need bold management innovation now more than ever. The current management model – centred on control and […]

The Art Of Creative Thinking – John Adair

January 28th, 2008 » Comments (0)

The Art Of Creative Thinking claims to explain how to be innovative and develop great ideas by providing clear practical guidelines for developing your ability as a creative thinker. John Adair uses examples and quotes from famous writers, poets, entrepreneurs and scientists to illustrate his points. I’m sure some readers will be surprised at the […]

Peter Jones’s 10 Golden Rules For Tycoons

January 28th, 2008 » Comments (0)

When I reviewed Peter Jones’ Tycoon: How to Be REALLY Rich I highlighted his ten golden rules, this post explains what they are and offers my thoughts on them. Rule 1: Have a vision. To succeed as an entrepreneurs you need to have a vision that you are working towards. This vision should define your […]

A Recession Is A Business Opportunity

January 28th, 2008 » Comments (1)

There’s an increasing amount of talk about the USA entering a recession and the possibility that should it do so, it’ll drag the rest of the world with it. So it might be worth considering how recession proof your business is / will be. It’s a sad fact that when a business fails it can […]

How to Become a Better Entrepreneur

January 27th, 2008 » Comments (0)

A lot of people have been asking me the same question about my new book, Illusions of Entrepreneurship: The Costly Myths that Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers Live By. How can reading the book help someone to become a better entrepreneur? John Tozzi at summarizes some of the tips that come from the book […]

A Cheap Internet Business Opportunity For The Weekend

January 25th, 2008 » Comments (1)

Two weeks ago I wrote a post “A Cheap Internet Business Opportunity For The Weekend“, which recieved a lot of interest, so I’d like to leave you with another cheap business opportunity to consider this weekend. The business opportunity is a simple one, printed t-shirts. You know like the ones Rachel gets given on Friends […]

The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable – Geoff Burch

January 25th, 2008 » Comments (0)

The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable tells the story of Derek Stubbins a failed double-glazing salesman who is turned into a sheepdog by a witch. The story follows Derek as he comes to terms with his new canine life and learns how to heard sheep while trying to reverse the […]

Have Kite, Will Sail

January 24th, 2008 » Comments (0)

Reading the BBC news this morning an article about a kite powered ship caught my eye. It’s a great idea, which will help reduce the cost of shipping, reduce the rate of consumption of oil and reduce carbon emissions from shipping. It’s also a great example of a good business opportunity, it solves a problem, […]