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Business Opportunities And Ideas


What is this site about?

The site is about business opportunities and ideas that I come across or think of, that I think are worth sharing with other entrepreneurs.

Who writes this site?

This site is written by John Crickett. I consider myself to be a serial entrepreneur, but I’m still a bit of a techie having started my professional life as a software engineer.

Who owns the site?

The site (blog) is owned by my company Trivial Business Limited.

How can I contact you?

Please use the contact form I try to respond to all messages within a few hours (during office hours).

Why write the blog, if these ideas are good why don’t you keep them to yourself?

Because it’s fun! I share the ideas because I don’t have time to do most of them and I believe there are plenty of opportunities out there for us all so there’s no need for me to be secretive with mine.

Will these ideas make me rich?

To misquote Thomas Edison, creating a successful business is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”, so yes the ideas could make you rich if you provide the other 99%.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes I’m always interested in receiving guest posts, please see my guidelines for guest posts for more informaiton.

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