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How To Start An Ebook Business

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This guide is an introduction to making money online by selling ebooks. It is intended to give you a quick, simple overview of ebooks as an Internet business opportunity. Each section provides a list of resources that provide more detailed information for you to refer to if you choose to start an ebook business.

This guide explains:

  • What an ebook is.
  • How can you make money with ebooks.
  • How much money can you make with ebooks.
  • How hard is it to make money with ebooks.
  • How to go about producing, selling and marketing your first ebook.


What is an ebook?

An ebook is an electronic book, usually in the Adobe PDF format.

How can you make money with ebooks?

By selling ebooks to people who are interested in reading them. It’s not all that different to producing and selling a real book. There are two advantages of ebooks however:
1.You can self publish and therefore keep a larger portion of the money your book earns.
2.You won’t need to invest a significant amount of money getting them printed.

How much money can you make with ebooks?

Lots! You could get seriously rich selling ebooks, but, as with any other business opportunity, how much you make depends on the amount of effort you put into your business. If you don’t put the effort in, you won’t get the reward.

How hard is it to make money with ebooks?

It’s very, very easy. Unlike many other business opportunities you don’t need much money to get started, in fact as you’re probably reading this on your computer you probably already have all the equipment you need (a computer and word processor).

Lets be honest it’s easy to make money in most businesses, the hard part is in making the commitment to start, and once started to see it through to the end. The reality is that most people will just talk of starting a business and many that start will give up too soon (you can read more about this in the excellent book The Dip). Few will stick with it and those few tend to do well.

The reality is that unless you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands it’s probably going to take you a few weeks to research and write your first ebook. It’s then going to take you another few weeks to get your marketing going. Only then will you see some money coming in. However once you’ve written and promoted the ebook it’ll keep making you money while you work on the next one.

So are you committed enough? Do you have the dedication to see it through? If so read on…

How To Make Money With Ebooks

Creating Your Ebook

Your first task is to find a topic that you can write about. The ideal topic is one that you are an expert in and that other people will be interested in. Ideally the book will explain how to solve a problem that these people face.

Once you’ve identified a topic you’re going to write about you need to research it. To do so, visit your local library, buy some books from Amazon or better yet use your favourite search engine to find out more about it.

To actually write the book you can use an online office suite, Microsoft Office or better yet the FREE office software provided by OpenOffice has the advantage of saving directly to Adobe PDF format.

Finally you’ll need a way to distribute your ebook. You could simply personally email it to everyone that buys, which is fine if you only expect to sell a few copies a week, but if you’re hoping to sell a lot, you’ll need to deliver it through a website.

Selling Your Ebook

To sell your ebook you’ll need a sales pitch. The sales pitch explains to the potential customer why they should buy your ebook. It should focus on the benefits that the ebook will provide them, i.e. it tells them how to solve their problem.

You’ll also need a way to get paid – after all if the customers can’t pay you, you won’t be making any money. Fortunately taking credit cards online is easy (and cheap) using services such as PayPal.

Marketing Your Ebook

So you’ve written your ebook, you’ve created a sales page and you’re ready to take payments via PayPal, but no ones brought it yet. Time to start marketing then. Fortunately the Internet is a great way to reach customers and there are a number of ways to market to them.

Search Engine Optimisation

A large portion of Internet users use the Search Engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo etc) to find what they are looking for. So the cheapest way of getting customers is to be listed at the top of the search engines. Doing so however requires an understanding of the art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
I don’t have room in this guide to fully explain SEO, but you can learn everything you need to know from Aron Wall’s SEO Book.

Search Engine Marketing

An alternative to SEO is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Pay Per Click advertising, or those adverts down the right hand side of the search engines.

They are a great way to advertise directly to your target market and you can get started instantly. They can also be very cheap, costing you just a few pennies per click (visitor). I suggest you start with Google Adwords. To truly get the best out of Google Adwords it’s worth signing up Perry Marshall’s FREE Adwords course.

Selling On Ebay

You can sell ebooks on Ebay, which is a great way to get started.

Email Marketing

If you’ve got a list of people who are interested in your topic and who are happy to receive email from you then send them an email and tell them about it. If you don’t have such a list, find someone who does and see if they are prepared to review it or otherwise tell their email list about it.

Using Forums

Find forums related to your topic, join them, take part in the them (ideally by posting good relevant answers to the questions asked) and include a link to your sales page in your signature.

Article Marketing

This involves writing articles related to the subject of your ebook and distributing them to the various article directories.

Using Blogs

There are several ways to market using blogs:
1.Starting your own blog, but this takes time and you’ll need to market the blog.
2.Getting your ebook reviewed on relevant blogs. Just contact the blog owner and ask them if they are prepared to review it.
3.Write an article related to your topic and offer it to relevant blogs as a guest post, if it’s good unique content (don’t offer several the same article) they’ll probably use it and will include a link to your site.
4.Advertising on blogs, simply find a blog about a related topic and buy advertising on it.

How To Get Started

There’s no right or wrong way to get started on this, or any other business opportunity. The important thing is to start. So why not start RIGHT NOW! To help you there’s a list of useful resources in the next section.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for improvements to this guide please post a message in the Business Opportunities and Ideas forums.

Some Useful Resources

Making Money With Ebooks

How to write and publish your own ebook in as little as 7 days a guide to making money selling ebooks.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Book an excellent introduction to SEO by Aron Wall.

Search Engine Marketing

Perry Marshall’s FREE Adwords Course an excellent free course on making the best use of Google Adwords

Selling On Ebay

Ebay provides an excellent guide to selling via their marketplace.

Web Hosting & Domain Names

Heart Internet provide excellent hosting facilities in the UK


Blogger a free blogging tool provided by Google.
WordPress offers free hosted blogging for non commercial sites and provides the open source blogging software that most bloggers use.

Word Processing

Open Office an excellent FREE office suite.

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